meet the committee

We can do it all. Okay, that sounds like we're bragging. Let's just say we really like to do it all. We specialize in production as well as post-production. And we'll work on one piece of a project or the whole kit-and-caboodle (whatever a "caboodle" is), from conception to completion.

We're a boutique, a.k.a., small. And we love it. Because that means we can work with virtually any size budget and deliver amazing results. We know every project is different. So we assemble a custom team to meet your project's needs. We bring in the right people for the job.

We can do it all. Wait. Didn't we say that already? Well, this time we mean that we combine the sensibilities and expertise of high-end commercials, branded content, documentaries, narrative films, television series, corporate marketing and music videos.

We've been everywhere, man. We've shot all over the world: Germany, Japan, Chile—even South Dakota.

We love ourselves some Barry Manilow. Mandy, Copacabana, I Write the Songs—Yes, you do, Barry. Yes you do.

Even we still have trouble spelling the word "committee." And despite our numerous letters to Webster's, they won't change the spelling to "ccoommiittee."

Well, there you have it. (Hey, you wanted to know.)

If you have a moment, please take a peek at our work. We think you'll agree, it's moving images with matching sound. But, we hope you also agree, the work speaks for itself.